FLIPPERS is delighted to offer R1000 towards your shipping costs on all orders over R3000. Shop now and save on delivery!
FLIPPERS is delighted to offer R1000 towards your shipping costs on all orders over R3000. Shop now and save on delivery!

Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy 

Flippers makes all reasonable effort to restore all of our products to their original state, however, the customer is advised that there will be minor imperfections considering that most of the items are sourced from the 1950s-1970s time period. Flippers takes clear photographs in order to make the client aware of any imperfections and considers such imperfections when structuring the price and description of each item. 

Therefore, Flippers offers no refunds or returns once a customer has ordered and paid for a product. 

A refund or return will only be effected on exception in the following circumstances:

  • Should it be that any of the items were advertised inaccurately and we somehow missed damages for any reason and/or did not make the customer aware of these damages/ imperfections prior to purchase. 
  • Should Flippers have mistakenly provided the incorrect dimensions. 
  • In instances where the Consumer Protection Act and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act apply- where a customer alleges this to be the case, the onus is on the customer to point Flippers to the relevant sections of the Acts and prove that they apply.
  • In the sole discretion of Flippers on a case-by-case basis we may allow for a return on the condition that the returned product resells. 

Returns Procedure

Should the customer wish to utilize our returns procedure the customer is to send an email to nikita@flippers.co.za;

  • The customer is to submit photographs of the alleged defects as well as a full description of the alleged defects on email;
  • Should Flippers, in using its discretion, accept that the product is returnable we will contact you to arrange collection and/or contact the customer on transport arrangements.;
  • Once the return has reached us, the product will be inspected before the return is processed;
  • Should Flippers accept that the customer has a right to refund/ exchange we will advise as to whether the customer is entitled to a refund, store credit, repair or an exchange;
  • Where applicable, if the customer has returned the product within 7 (seven) days in terms of the ECT Act or within 10 (ten) days if the customer has not had the opportunity to inspect the product, the customer may receive a refund, less any applicable collection or wear and tear fee.
  • Should the customer be entitled to a refund, the refund will only be processed once the customer has provided our accounts department with confirmation of bank details by way of bank confirmation letter and once the customer’s bank details have been verified.
  • The customer is advised to allow for a period of seven (7) business days for the funds to reflect once the credit has been processed.