FLIPPERS is delighted to offer R1000 towards your shipping costs on all orders over R3000. Shop now and save on delivery!
FLIPPERS is delighted to offer R1000 towards your shipping costs on all orders over R3000. Shop now and save on delivery!

Privacy Policy

Confirmation by user:

By creating a profile and by registering on this website and by clicking “Accept”, I/we hereby confirm that I have read the below privacy statement and that I/we grant my/our voluntary consent that my personal information may be processed, collected, stored, used and disclosed in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

I/we therefore agree that my/our personal information may be used for the lawful and reasonable purposes insofar as Flippers must use my/our personal information in the performance of its services/ provision of products. I/we understand that my/our personal information may be disclosed to third parties insofar as reasonably required to enable Flippers to conduct its business and provide its services/ products. 

I/we furthermore confirm that I/we understand that there are instances in terms of the aforementioned Act where my/our express consent is not necessary/required to permit the processing of personal information, which may be related to litigation or when the information is publicly available.

Privacy Statement:

Be advised that if you are under the age of eighteen (18) years you are required to obtain your parent’s/guardian’s permission to operate this website and/or any related website. Your parent/guardian is to consent on your behalf to the collection of information as set out in this Statement. You are advised that in the event that this permission or consent has not been obtained Flippers accepts no liability.

User information which is collected 

First name, last name, identity/passport number, contact number and email address, residential and postal address.

Personal information is collected directly from the user when he or she:

-creates an online profile on our e-commerce platform or;

-visits our website or social media platforms;

-purchases products from the online store;

-shop with us as a customer; 

-gives us his or her details for a product request; 

-engages with us online, telephonically, on social media, by SMS, email or via WhatsApp;

-signs up for our newsletters and/or other marketing material;

-enters into any of our competitions;

-is an employee or a prospective employee.

Do I have to share my personal information?

Your information is required to enable us to manage and operate your account and in order to communicate with you. Furthermore, the processing of your personal information may be required in order for us to provide you with products/render our services to you especially when same is done on an online basis and should you not wish for us to do so you may not be able to continue with purchasing/utilizing our products/services.

How will my information be used?

Your personal information may be used for the following purposes:

-to collect a payment;

-to contact you for marketing of our products and for other communication purposes;

-to protect our legal rights, pursue any legal claims and/or to carry out any of our legal obligations;

-In various cases where Flippers is required by law or has another justification to process your information.

Will Flippers share my information with third parties?

Flippers will not share your information with any third parties other than in certain instances for example:

-where we are required to do so by the law;

- where we need to do so in order to provide you with our products and/or services; 

-where you have consented to us sharing your personal information with third parties;

-to instruct our debt collectors or attorneys in the event that your account is in arrears;

-to submit reports to any of our regulators, SARS or Ombuds;

- we will be required to share your information with our main third party service providers in order for our business to function and in doing so Flippers acts as far as is reasonably possible to ensure that your personal information is only used for the purpose for which we collected it from you. For example, we may need to share your details with a shipping company for the delivery of a product. 

How long will my information be kept by Flippers for?

Flippers will keep your personal information for as long as is required by any contractual or legal obligation, credit risk, fraud detection and customer service periods, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements, and the resolution of disputes or fraud prevention.

What are my rights?

You are advised of the following:

-you may enquire as to which of your personal information Flippers has on its records;

-you may request that we attend to update, correct and/or delete your personal information at any time for whatever reason;

-you may unsubscribe from any of our direct marketing communication;

-you may refuse for Flippers to processing your personal information by clicking “do not accept”

-To update, correct, or to delete your information or to opt-out of receiving any communication and/or marketing material from us please contact nikita@flippers.co.za.